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Fred Vargas: He’s a ‘she’, actually…

We’ve all been going a little mad for Fred Vargas in the shop lately. Now FOUR of us, including the manager are well equipped to personally recommend these superb crime novels to every single person who comes through the door.

Her name is Fred and who are we to argue!? Actually, her name is Frédérique Audoin-Rouzeau but that’s just not as easy to remember. She’s an archaeologist by trade but every year, she takes time out and Frédérique becomes Fred.

The books feature Commissaire Adamsberg as the main character – a deep-thinking, hunch-following, super-cop. At the till, we refer to him as a ‘French Columbo’. None of us can agree as to what he looks like, but we’ve landed somewhere between a taller Sarkozy and a shorter Jimmy Nail.

If you like a good policier with an unpredictable twist, then Fred Vargas can be your new favourite author too.