Monthly Archives: February 2012

Try a Little Kurt

You know, I’m still surprised at the number of customers who, on hearing the name ‘Kurt Vonnegut’, look blankly at me as though I’ve just sneezed.

Without going into nauseating detail, reading a book by Vonnegut is like hearing an anecdote from an American door-to-door vacuum salesman who just missed his calling as a stand-up comedian.

His patter is so authentic that even his less-impressive stories are brought to life by his descriptions, his characters and his voice.

In the words of a stand up comedian who missed his calling as a door-to-door vacuum salesman, “It’s the way he tells ’em”.

For a limited time, we’ll be stocking the entire Vonnegut backlist in store and we’ll even knock 25% off.

And it’s not even Christmas!